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We are Subscriby

Subscriby empowers companies to sell their products via subscriptions. We aim to simplify the day-to-day operations for businesses and consumers alike while bringing the mindset of insightful consumption to e-commerce.

Josefina Sonnhammer 
Founder and CEO



The strive for simplicity

Josefina has always looked for new ways of optimising her everyday life, to free up time to do the things the she truly love and cares about. This is why she started subscribing to everyday products she regularly use, such as razors, dog food and hand soap. However, the customer experience was often unsatisfactory and it became even more time consuming to keep track of and manage the different subscriptions as to make repeated one time purchases. In August 2022 the idea of Subscriby was born - a subscription management software enabling brands to offer a superior customer experience, while allowing consumers to subscribe to and manage their favourite products, all in one place.


The way to becoming a Software-As-A-Service

Passionate about creating solutions to problems with code, Georgios took his biggest hobby and turned it into his profession. His love for innovative technological approaches and problem-solving found a perfect fit at Subscriby. He saw the immense potential in Subscriby to simplify and optimise subscription management for people everywhere. Drawn to the opportunity to make a significant impact, he's been instrumental in shaping the development of our platform. Devoted to his craft, he continuously strives to create a robust, intuitive, and efficient platform that caters to the needs of both brands and consumers.


Georgios Drivas 
Founder and CTO

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