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Josefina Sonnhammer 
Founder and CEO


I have always looked for new ways of optimising my everyday life, so that I can free up time to do the things I truly love and care about. This is why I started subscribing to everyday products I regularly use, such as razors, dog food and hand soap. However, the customer experience was often unsatisfactory and it became even more time consuming to keep track of and manage my different subscriptions as to make repeated one time purchases. This is when I came up with the idea of Subscriby - a subscription management software enabling brands to offer a superior customer experience, while allowing consumers to subscribe to and manage their favourite products, all in one place.


At Subscriby, we're dedicated to revolutionising the product subscription industry with our innovative solution and two-sided customer obsession. With Subscriby, businesses can unlock the full potential of their subscriptions, while customers enjoy a seamless and hassle-free subscription experience.

 Learn more about our offerings and start your journey with Subscriby today!

The story behind Subscriby 

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