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Transform your one-time products into subscriptions

Set up a subscription offer on your customers' favorite products in just a few clicks - elevate your Shopify store with the Subscriby app, the ultimate tool for DTC brands!

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How it Works

Launch Subscriptions with

Three Simple Steps

It's that easy!


Download the

Subscriby App

Find it in Shopify's app listing & install to your shopify store


Customize your Subscription Offer

Tailor the subscriptions to match your

business goals


Unlock Continuous Revenue

Secure recurring orders and loyal customers

Build a Customer Experience

Make Subscriby the catalyst for your subscription success!

The Subscribe Widget

Give your customers exactly what they want, when they want it! 

Offer subscriptions on selected products in your store by adding the subscribe widget. Customize the design of the subscribe widget so it mirrors your brand. 

Subscribe widget.png

Subscription Plans

Set up subscription plans in a few simple steps and meet customer needs by offering flexible frequencies.


Set up discounts tiered to specific frequencies to optimise your subscription offer. 

Customer Portal

Allow your customers to easily manage their subscriptions in the customer portal, enhancing the overall customer experience


Pause or cancel, anytime


Order now or skip next order


Change delivery frequency & variant


Update personal and billing information

Customer Portal .png

Why Subscriptions? 

The biggest benefits

Built for Shopify


Customer Loyalty

Build long-lasting relationship with your customers


Improved Predictability

A consistent revenue stream and improved inventory management and forecasting


Reduced CAC

Subscriptions Ensure Repeated Purchases without Recurring Expenses!

Experience the benefits today

Ready to take a bold step toward maximizing your revenue stream?

Drop us a message and let's kick off the conversation!

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